Christina Cooper

Christina 205x300 - Christina Cooper
Licensed Massage Therapist

Hello!  I’m Christina and it is my mission to help you achieve optimal health and wellness through massage.  I am a licensed massage therapist and graduate of Indiana Therapeutic Massage School.  I am a certified cupping therapist through International Cupping Therapy Association.  I am very enthusiastic about helping people heal!

Every massage is tailored to your specific needs using different modalities.  I specialize in Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Sports with assisted stretching, Trigger Point, Cupping Therapy, Thai (on and off the table), Swedish, as well as energetic techniques.  The road of education never stops for me and I am constantly studying and learning about new techniques and therapies to bring you my very best each and every time I see you.

Being a long time athlete, with a focus in endurance athletics including long distance cycling and triathlon (from sprint to Ironman distance), I am very familiar with sports and repetitive, over-use injuries.  I will listen very closely to what you say and also to what your body tells me.  I worked in the supplement and nutrition industry for several years and am also a certified yoga teacher since 2010 through Cityoga.  I am a daily practitioner of the Ashtanga method and strongly believe in the healing power of yoga.  One of my favorite yoga teachers says, “The issues live in the tissues!”.  I am very passionate about healing the body from the inside out and genuinely want to help you find the balance in body, mind, and spirit that you are looking for.  Whether it be through pain/injury management, or simply to relax and restore, I would love to work with you to attain these goals!